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Example Test #1

1. If an adult fails to pay a traffic ticket
their license will be suspended.

none of the above.

they will face jail time.

2. During the first year of having your provisional license you may
drive with passengers under the age of 20.

drive anyime.

drive alone.

3. At what age can you obtain a California driver's license?



4. What does this sign mean?
There is a gas station ahead.

There is food ahead.

There is lodging ahead.

There is a rest stop ahead.

5. If your vehicle breaks down on the highway and there is a narrow shoulder you should
exit the vehicle and move to safe location.

stay inside the vehicle and activate your hazard lights.

leave the vehicle and call for help.

6. What color curb indicates handicapped parking?



7. The following sign indicates there is two-way traffic ahead.




8. What does this sign indicate?
This lane is for HOV vehicles.

This lane is for buses.

Trucks may not use this lane.

Buses may not use this lane.

9. The following is the recommended hand placement on the steering wheel when turning, parking, or in a skid.
The two-hand technique.

The over and under hand technique.

The hand-over-hand steering method.

10. Who must yield in this situation?
The vehicle.

The pedestrian.

Whoever arrived first.

11. If your vehicle breaks down you should
stop immediately.

activate your hazard lights and pull off to the shoulder.

12. A school bus that is slowing down with red lights flashing means
you should pass the bus quickly before it stops.

you should reduce speed before passing the bus.

you should reduce speed and stop before the bus.

13. The following statement is false.
You may not pass if there is a double solid yellow line.

You should not pass more than one vehicle at a time.

You may exceed the speed limit when passing.

14. If your BAC is .20% or higher your license will be suspended for
two months.

10 months.

six months.

15. What does this sign indicate?
The minimum speed is 50 mph.

The speed limit is 50 mph.

The speed limit for trucks is 50 mph.

16. If you see an emergency vehicle approaching with its lights and siren activated you should
Stay in your lane.

Speed up to stay ahead of the emergency vehicle.

Pull over to the right until the emergency vehicle has passed by.

17. When should you use your high-beams?
In the rain.

At night.

On dark roads.

18. If you are crossing a highway from a side street or secondary road you must
turn right only.

enter since you have right of way.

yield right of way to traffic on the main road.

19. If two vehicles are travelling in opposite directions on a steep uphill road where passing is not possible, the following applies.
The vehicle travelling uphill has right of way.

The vehicle travelling downhill has right of way.

The larger vehicle has right of way.

20. On a narrow uphill mountain road where only one vehicle may pass at a time who has right of way?
The vehicle going downhill.

The larger vehicle.

The vehicle going uphill.

21. When travelling 55 mph it takes approximately how many feet to come to a complete stop under ideal conditions?
300 feet.

200 feet.

400 feet.

22. How many lanes should you cross at a time?



23. The following is true about using a cell phone when driving.
It saves time.

You may send text messages when driving.

Adults may use a cell phone if it is hands-free.

You should reduce speed when using your cell phone.

24. What is this sign used to indicate?
it indicates a detour.

it indicates an emergency stop.

it indicates a crossover.

it indicates a sharp turn.

25. Driving while intoxicated is especially risky at night because
there are more cars on the road

it is already harder to see at night

alcohol has a bigger effect on your judgement at night.

there is a bigger chance of meeting other drunk drivers at night.

26. If the traffic light turns yellow you should
stop immediately.

reduce speed and be prepared to stop or clearance the intersection if you cannot safely stop.

reduce speed and proceed.

27. Open containers of alcohol are NOT allowed in which of the following areas?
Passenger areas of limousines

Passenger areas of standard passenger cars

Residential areas of motor homes

In the trunk of a passenger car

28. When can you use the HOV lanes?
If you have the minimum number of people required.

both are true.

When you are riding on a motorcycle.

29. What does this sign indicate?
There is a winding road ahead.

There is a hairpin curve ahead.

The road is closed ahead.

30. When should you use your horn?
When the vehicle ahead of you is travelling below the speed limit.

To alert an inattentive driver.

To remind another driver of a mistake.