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Example Test #22

1. What is the meaning of this sign?
You are approaching a railroad crossing

You are approaching a tunnel

You are approaching a work zone

You are approaching a crossroads

2. This sign indicates that
right turns are forbidden here.

there is a curve to the right here

traffic merges from the right here

there is a sharp right turn here

3. At a flashing red light you must
reduce speed before proceeding.

come to a complete stop before proceeding.

stop if you are turning left.

stop and turn right.

4. When turning left at an intersection and there is a green arrow
You must yield to approaching vehicles.

You may not turn.

You may turn since vehicles in the opposite direction have a red light.

5. You should drive with one hand on the steering wheel
on the highway.

when driving in reverse.

when turning.

6. At an intersection, a stop sign accompanied by this sign tells you
that there are four lanes of traffic.

that you must stop for four seconds.

that drivers from all four directions approaching the intersection must stop.

that vehicles from all four directions must yield.

7. If the traffic light is dark you must
reduce speed before proceeding.

come to a complete stop.

stop only if you are turning.

8. Which of these drinks contains the most alcohol?
A 12-oz glass of 5% beer

A 5-oz glass of 12% wine

A 1.5-oz shot of 80 proof liquor

They all contain the same amount of alcohol

9. You should not pass
if there is a broken yellow line.

if you are approaching an intersection.

at night.

10. What does this sign indicate?
There is a traffic light ahead.

There is a railroad crossing ahead.

There is a stop sign ahead.

11. If two vehicles are travelling in opposite directions on a steep uphill road where passing is not possible, the following applies.
The vehicle travelling uphill has right of way.

The vehicle travelling downhill has right of way.

The larger vehicle has right of way.

12. What does a double solid white line indicate?
Lanes travel in the opposite direction.

Lanes travel in the same direction and changing lanes is prohibited.

You may change lanes.

13. How can you sober up?
All of the above.

Allow time for the body to process the alcohol.

Drink some coffee.

Take a cold shower.

14. What is the meaning of this sign?
Only large trucks may drive on this road.

Trucks are forbidden on this road.

Only high-occupancy vehicles (HOVs) may drive on this road.

Trucks may not park here.

15. What is the meaning of this sign?
You are approaching a side road

You are approaching a yield sign

You are approaching a Y-intersection

You are approaching a youth hostel

16. If you are travelling on a highway with three or more lanes you should stay in the
left lane.

right lane.

middle lane.

17. Who may proceed in the following situation?
A, B, C.

C, B, A.

B, C, A.

18. Who has right of way on highway?
Merging vehicles.

Vehicles exiting the highway.

Vehicles on the highway.

19. What is this sign used to indicate?
There is a forest zone ahead

There is a cattle crossing ahead

There is a zoo ahead

There is a deer crossing ahead

20. How many feet of space must you leave between your vehicle and a cyclist?
two feet.

three feet.

five feet.

21. What is the meaning of this sign?
The maximum permitted speed is 45 mph.

The minimum permitted speed is 45 mph.

The maximum permitted speed at night is 45 mph.

You must take Route 45 at night.

22. To avoid sudden braking or swerving you should look
200 feet ahead.

10-15 seconds ahead.

500 feet ahead.

23. The pavement markings in the picture mean
none of the above.

you may not cross the solid yellow line except to pass.

you may never cross the broken white lines here.

you may not cross the solid yellow line unless you are turning left.

24. What is the meaning of this regulatory sign?
Left turns are forbidden.

Merging left is forbidden.

You must make a right turn.

Right turns are forbidden.

25. During the first year of having your provisional license you may
drive with passengers under the age of 20.

drive anyime.

drive alone.

26. You may not have an open container of alcohol
in the passenger area of a limousine.

in the passenger area of motor vehicle.

residential areas of a motorhome.

in the trunk of a passenger car.

27. What should you do if there is an approaching emergency vehicle with its lights and siren activated?
pull over to the right and stop.

increase your speed to stay ahead of the emergeny vehicle.

stop immediately in the roadway.

28. What does this sign mean?
The next exit is 444 miles ahead.

You are 444 miles from the state line or the end of the road.

None of the above.

Exit 444 is ahead.

29. What does this sign mean?
The road is closed ahead.

There is a side street ahead.

There is a yield sign ahead.

You must stop ahead.

30. What does this panel indicate?
There is a detour ahead.

The road or lane is closed ahead.

The speed limit is reduced ahead.