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Example Test #29

1. This sign means that you are permitted to
turn left

turn right.

make a U-turn here.

go straight.

2. What does this sign indicate?
There is an airport ahead.

Be alert for low-flying aircraft.

Aircraft may enter the roadway.

3. Which of the following can help to "sober up” someone who is drunk?
All of the above


Drinking coffee

Getting some fresh air

4. If you are crossing a highway from a side street or secondary road you must
turn right only.

enter since you have right of way.

yield right of way to traffic on the main road.

5. This sign indicates that
right turns are forbidden here.

there is a curve to the right here

traffic merges from the right here

there is a sharp right turn here

6. Approximately how many California drivers are convicted of a traffic violation between the ages of 15 to 19?



7. Driving while intoxicated can cause
All of the above

impaired reflexes.

less physical control over your vehicle.

a lower level of awareness of hazards.

8. The pavement markings in the picture tell you
that passing is forbidden here.

that passing is allowed here.

that drivers must take a detour here.

that drivers must turn here.

9. High-beams should not be used
on empty rural highways.

when no vehicles are nearby.

in the fog or heavy rain.

10. If the traffic light has a flashing yellow arrow you may
turn left since you have right of way.

not turn left.

turn left after yielding to oncomming traffic.

11. On a multilane highway the left lane is for
faster vehicles.


passing and faster moving traffic.

12. Parking spaces for handicapped persons are
marked in red.

marked in blue.

marked in yellow.

13. What is the meaning of this sign?
Merging is not allowed here.

Right turns are not allowed here.

Left turns are not allowed here.

This side of the road is currently closed.

14. When may drivers 18 years or older use a cell phone?
They may not use a cell phone when driving.

Only if the speed limit is 45 mph or less.

Only if it is hands-free.

15. This sign indicates that
You are approaching the end of the divided highway.

Traffic merges ahead.

One-way traffic is ahead.

You are approaching the beginning of a divided highway.

16. What does this sign indicate?
U-turns are prohibited.

Left turn only.

You must yield when making a U-turn.

17. What does this sign mean?
The road shoulder is at a much lower level than the road surface.

This road can be slippery and wet.

There is gravel on this road.

This is a hidden road.

18. When you see this sign, you must drive
at a speed of at least 40 mph.

at a speed of no more than 50 mph.

at a speed of at least 50 mph.

at a speed of no more than 40 mph.

19. What is the meaning of this sign?
The lane can only be used by high-speed vehicles.

The lane can only be used for certain purposes or certain vehicles.

The lane is shared for left turns from both directions of travel.

The lane can only be used to make right turns.

20. When using your windshield wipers you must
use your headlights.

reduce speed.

drive normally.

21. When entering a traffic circle you should enter
in either direction.

to the right.

to the left.

22. What does this sign mean?
There is a left turn ahead.

The left lane is closed ahead.

The road curves to the right ahead.

The road curves to the left ahead.

23. What should you do if you see this sign?
Reduce speed and be prepared to stop.

Come to complete stop before proceeding.

Reduce speed and yield to vehicles only.

24. The following statement is true.
Activate your turn signal before passing another vehicle.

Both are true.

Do not pass unless you can safely move back over.

25. Vehicle should not share a lane with motorcyclists
because they are smaller.

because they may need to manuever.

because they are less visible.

26. In a work zone you should
reduce speed.

both of the above.

be alert for people or machinery that may be in the roadway.

27. When should you use your horn?
When the vehicle ahead of you is travelling below the speed limit.

To alert an inattentive driver.

To remind another driver of a mistake.

28. When turning right and there is a bike lane
you may not enter.

you may enter if no cyclists are present.

you may enter 200 feet before turning.

29. What does a double solid yellow line indiate?
You may pass if it is safe.

Passing is not allowed.

Passing trucks is not permitted.

30. The recommended hand placement on the steering wheel is
nine o'clock and three o'clock.

ten o'clock and four o'clock.

nine o'clock and two o'clock.