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Example Test #32

1. If you are on a multilane highway travelling slower than the speed of traffic you must
stay in any lane.

stay in the middle lane.

stay in the right lane.

2. In the fog you should
use your high-beams.

use your low-beams.

use your parking lights.

3. If you see this road sign, you must
exit the highway at 30 mph or more.

speed up to 30 mph and pass the vehicle in front of you.

exit the highway with a maximum speed of 30 mph.

exit the highway at 60 mph or less.

4. This sign is posted to
show designated routes.

show alternate routes during road closures and construction.

mark the route to a hospital.

show tourist routes.

5. What does this sign indicate?
None of the above.

There is a traffic light ahead.

There is school zone ahead.

There is a stop sign ahead.

6. If you approach an intersection where the traffic lights are dark you should
Reduce speed before proceeding.

You may proceed if you are on the main road.

Treat the intersection as a four-way stop.

7. What does a double solid white line indicate?
Lanes travel in the opposite direction.

Lanes travel in the same direction and changing lanes is prohibited.

You may change lanes.

8. This sign indicates that
You are entering a school zone

You are approaching a flagger at a work zone

There is a road crew at work nearby

There is a pedestrian crosswalk at this intersection

9. This service sign tells you that ________ is available here.
hospital service

a service area

parking service


10. What does this sign mean?
The railroad tracks are closed.

Trucks may not cross the tracks here.

There is low clearance on the railroad tracks.

Trains must yield right of way to vehicles.

11. If you are turning right onto a two-way street you should be in
the left lane.

any lane.

the right lane.

12. What is the meaning of this sign?
It tells you the safe driving speed for a curve ahead to the right

It is a minimum suggested speed for the highway

It is the posted speed limit for a sharp right turn

It is the posted speed limit for an S-shaped curve

13. What does this sign indicate?
The suggested speed is 35 mph.

The minimum speed is 35 mph.

The maximum speed is 35 mph.

14. A speed zone ahead sign indicates
you are entering a highway.

the road is closed ahead.

the speed limit is reduced ahead.

15. What does this sign mean?
You may not turn left.

There is a stop sign ahead.

You may not park.

You must stop ahead.

16. You should not pass
if there is a broken yellow line.

if you are approaching an intersection.

at night.

17. The following sign indicates two-way traffic ahead.




18. This sign warns that
you are driving in a school zone.

there are pedestrian crosswalks at an intersection.

you are close to a children's playground area.

you are close to a school bus stop.

19. If you enter a highway you should
reduce speed before entering.

stop before entering.

enter the highway at the speed of traffic.

20. If you want to have your license reinstated before the 10 month suspension period for a DUI you must
obtain permission from the DMV.

have an ignition interlock installed in the vehicle.

take a driver's education course.

21. A minor with an instruction permit may only drive when accompanied by a
parent or guardian.

a license driver 25 years or older.

both of the above.

22. If you are parking downhill you should
leave the vehicle in park and set the parking brake.

leave it in gear.

leave it drive.

23. How can alcohol impair your ability to drive?
All of the above

It slows down your reflexes

It reduces your depth perception

It decreases your overall driving skills

24. If the traffic light is dark you must
reduce speed before proceeding.

come to a complete stop.

stop only if you are turning.

25. When your tires loose traction in the rain or standing water this is known as



26. The following statement is true.
All vehicles have airbags.

You do not have to wear a seatbelf if your vehicle has airbags.

When used with a seatbelt they greatly reduce the risk of serious injury or death.

27. This sign indicates that you can
turn left.

turn right.

make a U-turn.

go straight.

28. If you are operating a motor vehicle you must
have proof of financial responsibility.

a stable job.

an insurance policy.

29. A California insurance policy must cover up to _____ in the event of death or injury to a single person.



30. If you are parallel parked on a street you should
look over your shoulder before entering the roadway.

enter the roadway since you have right of way.

turn on your left turn signal and look to the left.