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Example Test #38

1. The following sign would be found in a school zone.




2. Which of the pictured signs is used to represent two-way traffic?
Sign A

Sign B

Sign C

Sign D

3. What is the meaning of this sign?
There is a school zone ahead.

Stopping or standing is forbidden here.

You are approaching a tunnel.

Hitchhiking is prohibited here.

4. What is the meaning of this sign?
You are approaching a railroad crossing

You are approaching a tunnel

You are approaching a work zone

You are approaching a crossroads

5. The sign in the picture is a(n)
stop sign.

yield sign.

Do Not Enter sign.

work zone sign.

6. What does this sign indicate?
The minimum speed is 50 mph.

The speed limit is 50 mph.

The speed limit for trucks is 50 mph.

7. Center turn lanes are for
vehicles turning right.

passing stopped vehicles.

left turns.

8. When driving you should follow the
two-second rule.

four-second rule.

three-second rule.

9. If your car is parked and rolls into another vehicle
you may drive away if the damage is less than $500.

you must notify the police.

you may drive away if there is nobody around.

10. What should you do if there is an approaching emergency vehicle with its lights and siren activated?
pull over to the right and stop.

increase your speed to stay ahead of the emergeny vehicle.

stop immediately in the roadway.

11. What is the meaning of this road sign?
You are approaching a cattle crossing

You are approaching a veterinary hospital

You are approaching a zoo

You are approaching a farmhouse

12. What is this sign used to indicate?
you are approaching a narrow bridge

you are approaching a winding road

There is low clearance ahead

you are approaching a narrow road

13. If you are under the age of 21 and convicted of having alcoholic beverages in your vehicle it may be impounded for up to
30 days.

180 days.

10 days.

14. This sign means that you are permitted to
turn left

turn right.

make a U-turn here.

go straight.

15. What does this sign indicate?
Only passenger vehicles may use this lane.

Only HOV vehicles may use this lane.

Trucks may not use this lane.

This lane is for vehicles turning right.

16. A school bus that is slowing down with red lights flashing means
you should pass the bus quickly before it stops.

you should reduce speed before passing the bus.

you should reduce speed and stop before the bus.

17. If you are passing a cyclist and there is a vehicle approaching from the opposite direction
you should speed up to pass the cyclist quickly.

pass closer to the cyclist.

reduce speed and wait for the vehicle to pass.

18. The maximum speed on a two-lane undivided highway is
50 mph.

55 mph.

45 mph.

19. What does this panel indicate?
There is a detour ahead.

The road or lane is closed ahead.

The speed limit is reduced ahead.

20. If you see this road sign, you must
exit the highway at 30 mph or more.

speed up to 30 mph and pass the vehicle in front of you.

exit the highway with a maximum speed of 30 mph.

exit the highway at 60 mph or less.

21. What is the meaning of this flashing arrow panel?
The left lane ahead is winding.

The lane ahead is closed.

The lane ahead is not closed.

There are flag persons (flaggers) coming up ahead.

22. After passing a vehicle you should not move back over until
you can see the driver behind you.

you can seen the vehicle in your left mirror.

you can see the vehicle's headlights in your rear-view mirror.

23. Drinking alcohol
Any of the above.

can impair your judgement.

can reduce your control over the vehicle.

can affect your awareness.

24. High-beams should not be used
on empty rural highways.

when no vehicles are nearby.

in the fog or heavy rain.

25. At a marked or unmarked crosswalk you must
stop before proceeding.

only stop if pedestrians are in the crosswalk.

only yield if a pedestrian is in a marked crosswalk.

26. When can you use the HOV lanes?
If you have the minimum number of people required.

both are true.

When you are riding on a motorcycle.

27. This sign is for warning you that
there is a sharp curve near a hill; drive slowly.

there is a gravel road with sharp curves ahead; continue carefully.

there is a winding road is ahead; follow the directions.

this road is slippery when wet; drive slowly.

28. A minor with an instruction permit may only drive when accompanied by a
parent or guardian.

a license driver 25 years or older.

both of the above.

29. This sign alerts you to a
slippery road.

two-way road.

winding road.

double curve on the road.

30. If you are turning right onto a two-way street you should be in
the left lane.

any lane.

the right lane.