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Example Test #40

1. What is this sign called?
A speed limit sign.

An advisory sign.

A work zone sign.

A dynamic message sign.

2. Which of the following does NOT affect your blood alcohol concentration?
The type of alcohol

Your body weight

The amount of time since your last drink

The period of time during which the alcohol was consumed

3. You can drive in lanes marked with this sign
when you have two or more passengers

when you are riding a motorcycle.

only when you are riding a bicycle.

when you are passing the vehicle in front of you.

4. What is the meaning of this sign?
This road is reserved for bicyclists

Bicyclists may not pass here.

Vehicles may not pass bicyclists here.

Bicyclists cannot use this road.

5. What is the meaning of this sign?
You are approaching exit 22.

You are approaching mile marker 22.

The next exit is 22 miles away.

You are approaching an intersection with U.S. Route 22.

6. When towing a vehicle on a multilane highway you may use
any lane.

the right two lanes.

the middle lane.

7. What does this image indicate?
There is a one-way road.

There is a side street.

There is a two-way road ahead.

You may not pass ahead.

8. The following statement is false.
You may not pass if there is a double solid yellow line.

You should not pass more than one vehicle at a time.

You may exceed the speed limit when passing.

9. The speed limit when approaching a blind intersection is
25 mph.

15 mph.

20 mph.

10. The following hand signal indicates the driver is turning right.
Left arm extended outward and the forearm pointing down.

Left arm extended out and the forearm pointing up.

Left arm extended straight out.

11. What is the meaning of this sign?
bicyclists may not use this lane.

bicyclists should only use the lane where the sign is posted.

a bikeway crosses the roadway ahead.

you are approaching a no-passing zone for bicyclists.

12. When entering a traffic circle you should enter
to the left.

enter since you have right of way.

yield to traffic inside before entering.

13. Who may proceed in the following situation?
A, B, C.

C, B, A.

B, C, A.

14. The following sign would be found in a school zone.




15. HOV lanes are for

buses and vehicles with two or more passengers.

buses only.

16. If you are turning left onto a driveway you must
yield to pedestrians.

yield to vehicles.

yield to vehicles and pedestrians.

17. Due to their size, tractor trailers often appear
they are travelling faster.

they are travelling slower.

they are not moving.

18. What is the meaning of this signal?
It means there is a railroad track parallel to the roadway ahead.

It means you are at a train station.

It means you are at a railroad crossing.

It means you are at an abandoned railroad track.

19. If you are turning off a roadway that has a higher speed limit and there are vehicles behind you should
turn on your hazard lights.

slow down and signal ahead of time.

take the next turn.

20. If you are in a skid when accelerating you should
turn the wheel.

slam on the brakes.

let off the gas.

21. The recommended hand placement on the steering wheel is
nine o'clock and three o'clock.

ten o'clock and four o'clock.

nine o'clock and two o'clock.

22. This sign is posted is a lane. When can you drive there?
When you are carrying at least one passenger

When you are late

When you are carrying at least two passengers

When you are driving a truck

23. What does this panel indicate?
There is a detour ahead.

The road or lane is closed ahead.

The speed limit is reduced ahead.

24. Panels with flashing arrows in a work zone
guide drivers and provide information about lane closures.

inform drivers of a reduced speed limit.

inform drivers of the next exit.

25. A reckless driving conviction that results in injury or death has a penalty of
a lifetime license suspension.

a fine and jailtime.

an administrative hearing with the DMV.

26. The following is not an effect of alcohol.
Increased alertness.

Impaired judgement.

Slower reaction time.

Reduced coordination.

27. This blue sign means that ______ is/are available.


a gas station.


28. Talking on a cell phone while driving will increase your chances of being in an accident by
as much as four times.

as much as two times.

as much as three times.

another amount.

29. Your stopping distance is
a sum of perception, reaction, and braking distance.

your braking distance.

perception and braking distance.

30. If you are involved in a collision with property damage and injuries you must file a report to the DMV
no more than 10 days later.

no more than 20 days later.

no more than 15 days later.