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Example Test #50

1. During the first year of having your provisional license you may
drive with passengers under the age of 20.

drive anyime.

drive alone.

2. If you see this sign
you must yield right of way or stop.

you must turn right.

the road is closed ahead.

you have right of way.

3. What does this sign mean?
There is a farm ahead.

There is a park ahead.

You must yield to animals in the roadway.

There is a deer crossing ahead.

4. If you are parking downhill you should
leave the vehicle in park and set the parking brake.

leave it in gear.

leave it drive.

5. This sign is used to indicate
designated routes.

alternate routes during road closures and construction works.

the route to a hospital.

tourist routes.

6. The vertical rectangular traffic sign is normally used to
warn you about the condition of the road.

give instructions to the driver.

tell the driver to stop.

give a route number.

7. At an intersection, this signal means that
you must slow down and proceed carefully.

pedestrians may enter the crosswalk.

pedestrians may not enter the crosswalk.

pedestrians already in the crosswalk may finish crossing.

8. What is the meaning of this sign?
traffic merges here.

this is a two-way street.

this is a narrow lane.

the divided highway ends ahead.

9. What is this sign?
A lane is closed ahead sign.

An advisory sign.

An object marker.

A school zone ahead sign.

10. If you are behind a vehicle at night you should
use your parking lights.

use your high-beams.

use your low-beams.

11. The number on this sign represents
an exit number.

the number of miles until the next exit.

the maximum allowed speed on the exit ramp.

a U.S. Route marker.

12. Broken white lines indicate
you may pass if it is safe to do so.

passing is not permitted.

only trucks may pass.

13. If you have a green light you
may proceed since you have right of way.

You must stop.

You may proceed but must yield to any vehicles in the intersection.

14. Using your phone when driving increases your chances of being in an accident by
as much as four times.

as much as five times.

as much as two times.

some other amount.

15. If you are in a skid when accelerating you should
turn the wheel.

slam on the brakes.

let off the gas.

16. The dashed white line in this figure is for indicating that
the traffic on either side is moving in the same direction.

this is the center of a roadway where passing is prohibited.

this is the curb of the road.

traffic on either side is moving in opposite directions.

17. Driving at night after consuming alcohol is dangerous because
the roads are busier at night.

your vision is already restricted.

you are more likely to be tired.

there are more impaired drivers on the road.

18. You may make a U-turn
next to a fire station.

in a residential district.

only if there is a sign permitting U-turns.

19. The following pavement marking separates lanes travelling in the same direction.



None of the above.

20. What does this sign indicate?
The suggested speed is 35 mph.

The minimum speed is 35 mph.

The maximum speed is 35 mph.

21. If a driver under the age of 21 has a BAC of .05% or greater the police will
issue a ticket.

contact your parents.

arrest the driver.

22. Which of these signs represents two-way traffic?
Sign A

Sign B

Sign C

Sign D

23. What is the meaning of this sign?
You are approaching a country road; slow down.

Farm equipment may not continue past this sign.

You are approaching a slippery road; use special tires.

Farm machinery may cross the road here.

24. If you are turning right onto a two-way street you should be in
the left lane.

any lane.

the right lane.

25. If you have a BAC of .20% or higher you will
both of the above.

have to complete a DUI education program.

have your license suspended for 10 months.

26. What is the meaning of this sign?
The lane can only be used by high-speed vehicles.

The lane can only be used for certain purposes or certain vehicles.

The lane is shared for left turns from both directions of travel.

The lane can only be used to make right turns.

27. In a work zone you should
reduce speed.

both of the above.

be alert for people or machinery that may be in the roadway.

28. Can you park here at 10:30 a.m.?


If the street has no traffic.

With a permit.

29. This sign is a
speed limit sign.

school zone sign.

stop sign.

30. This sign is a(n)
route marker sign.

service sign.

warning sign.

regulatory sign.