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Example Test #51

1. What does Implied Consent mean?
You will not drink and drive.

You will not transport alcohol.

None of the above.

You will submit to a blood or urine screen when requested by a police officer.

2. This is a _____ sign.



Do Not Enter

3. You may not stop if the curb is painted



4. At what age can you obtain a California driver's license?



5. When you see this sign, it means
you are driving in the wrong lane.

you are driving on an expressway.

you are driving in a city.

you are going the wrong way.

6. What is this sign used to indicate?
you must drive faster than 40 mph here.

you must not drive faster than 40 mph.

you must maintain a speed lower than 40 mph here.

slow-moving vehicles must drive slower than 40 mph here.

7. What is this sign used to indicate?
Speed advisory at exit

Speed limit ahead

Speed advisory on ramp

Speed advisory at roundabout

8. What type of drugs affect your ability to operate a motor vehicle?
All of the above.

Illegal drugs.

Prescription drugs.

Over the counter drugs.

9. You may be convicted of a DUI
driving under the influene of alcohol only.

driving under the influence of drugs.

driving when tired.

10. If you approach an intersection where the traffic lights are dark you should
Reduce speed before proceeding.

You may proceed if you are on the main road.

Treat the intersection as a four-way stop.

11. A minor with an instruction permit may only drive when accompanied by a
parent or guardian.

a license driver 25 years or older.

both of the above.

12. What does this sign mean?
The road is closed ahead.

You must turn left.

There is a work zone ahead.

There is a sharp turn ahead.

13. What does this sign mean?
The road is closed ahead.

You must exit to the right.

The right lane is closed ahead.

You must turn right.

14. What is this sign used to indicate?
it signifies a side road near a railroad crossing.

it signifies a railroad crossing under repair.

it signifies a low ground clearance railroad crossing.

it signifies a closed railroad crossing.

15. Once you park and leave your car on a highway or street, you should NOT:
set the parking brake

stop the engine

lower the windows

16. What is the meaning of this sign?
Only bicyclists may use this road.

Bicyclists may not pass here.

Vehicles may not pass bicyclists here.

Bicyclists may not use this road.

17. The BAC limit for drivers 21 years or older is



18. What happens as your BAC rises?
All of the above.

Your brain becomes affected by the alcohol.

Self-control and judgement are affected.

Coordination and muscle control are affected.

19. If you are operating a motor vehicle you must
have proof of financial responsibility.

a stable job.

an insurance policy.

20. When may drivers 18 years or older use a cell phone?
They may not use a cell phone when driving.

Only if the speed limit is 45 mph or less.

Only if it is hands-free.

21. How soon must you obtain a California driver's license after moving?
10 days.

15 days.

30 days.

22. What does this sign indicate?
There is food ahead.

There is a hotel ahead.

There is a restaurant ahead.

There is lodging ahead.

23. When entering a traffic circle you should enter
to the left.

enter since you have right of way.

yield to traffic inside before entering.

24. A school bus that is slowing down with red lights flashing means
you should pass the bus quickly before it stops.

you should reduce speed before passing the bus.

you should reduce speed and stop before the bus.

25. Which of the pictured pavement markings divides two lanes going in the same direction?



None of the above

26. If you have a green light you
may proceed since you have right of way.

You must stop.

You may proceed but must yield to any vehicles in the intersection.

27. The maximum speed on a two-lane undivided highway is
50 mph.

55 mph.

45 mph.

28. The center turn lane
can be used by vehicles in either direction that are making left turns.

may be used to pass other vehicles.

can be used by vehicles turning right.

29. This number on this sign represent the
speed advisory at the exit

speed limit ahead

speed advisory on the ramp

speed advisory at the roundabout

30. What does this sign indicate?
There is a traffic light ahead.

There is a railroad crossing ahead.

There is a stop sign ahead.