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Example Test #54

1. When hydroplaning you should
begin braking.

let off the gas.

change lanes.

2. When can you pass a stopped school bus with the red lights activated?
You may not pass a stopped school bus.

You must reduce speed before passing the bus.

You may pass if there are no childred present.

3. What should you do when turning?
Activate your turn signal 500 feet before turning.

Only signal if you are turning right.

Activate your signal before the turn.

4. If you are travelling on a one-way street with three or more lanes you should be in following lane when turning?
The center lane.

Any lane.

The outside lanes.

5. What is the meaning of this sign?
You are approaching a narrow bridge

You are approaching a narrow pavement

You are approaching an area with hidden traffic

You are approaching an acceleration lane

6. What is the meaning of this sign?
This road is reserved for bicyclists

Bicyclists may not pass here.

Vehicles may not pass bicyclists here.

Bicyclists cannot use this road.

7. If you are under the age of 21 and convicted of having alcoholic beverages in your vehicle it may be impounded for up to
30 days.

180 days.

10 days.

8. What is the meaning of this sign?
It means you should not merge

It means you shouldn’t make a right turn.

It means you shouldn’t make a left turn

It means that this side of the road is temporarily closed.

9. When your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) increases, which of the following happens?
All of the above.

Your brain is increasingly affected by the alcohol

The alcohol first affects your judgment and self-control

The alcohol affects your coordination and muscle control

10. What does the arrow on this sign indicate?
You may travel in either direction.

You may not enter the roadway.

You must travel in the direction indicated by the arrow.

The road is closed ahead.

11. What is the meaning of this sign?
Stop ahead

There is a right turn ahead

There is a flag person ahead

There is a pedestrian zone ahead

12. Once you park and leave your car on a highway or street, you should NOT:
set the parking brake

stop the engine

lower the windows

13. If you see livestock near the road you should
turn around and find an alternate route.

honk your horn to scatter the animals.

follow any signals from the person guiding the animals.

14. When entering a traffic circle you should enter
in either direction.

to the right.

to the left.

15. Are you allowed to leave a child under the age of six in a vehicle?

Yes, if there is someone in the vehicle 12 years or older.

Yes, if you leave the windows open.

16. If you experience a blowout you should
slam on the breakes.

hold the wheel straight and let off the gas.

steer immediately to the shoulder.

17. How many standard servings of alcohol can an adult drink before driving, without it causing risk?



It depends on the person

18. The center turn lane
can be used by vehicles in either direction that are making left turns.

may be used to pass other vehicles.

can be used by vehicles turning right.

19. Your license may be suspended
if you do not have a designated driver.

if you carry a sealed container of alcohol, beer, or wine in the vehicle.

if you carry alcohol in sealed containers while working with an off-site liquor license.

if you refuse to submit to a blood or urine test.

20. At a traffic light with flashing yellow arrow
you should be prepared to stop.

you should speed up and make your turn before the light turns red.

you may turn if it is safe to do so.

21. What does this sign indicate?
There is an intersection ahead.

The road is closed ahead.

There is a school zone ahead.

22. The speed limit when approaching a blind intersection is
25 mph.

15 mph.

20 mph.

23. What does this sign indicate?
U-turns are prohibited.

Left turn only.

You must yield when making a U-turn.

24. Approximately how many California drivers are convicted of a traffic violation between the ages of 15 to 19?



25. What does this sign mean?
The left lane ends ahead.

The right lane ends ahead.

The road is closed ahead.

26. What is this traffic sign used to indicate?
you are approaching a stop sign.

you are approaching a yield sign.

you are approaching a traffic signal.

you are approaching a roundabout.

27. The pavement markings in the picture indicate that
passing is forbidden here.

passing is permitted here.

you must take a detour.

you must turn here.

28. If you are approaching a T-intersection and you are on the street that ends
you must yield to vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists before turning.

you may enter since you have right of way.

the road is closed.

29. What is the meaning of this warning sign?
it means the road ahead curves right.

it means this is a winding road.

it means the road ahead curves right and then left.

it means there are sharp right and left turns are ahead.

30. A blind person will typically have a
red cane.

a guide dog.

a white cane and possibly a guide dog.