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Example Test #56

1. What should you do if you see this sign?
Reduce speed and be prepared to stop.

Come to complete stop before proceeding.

Reduce speed and yield to vehicles only.

2. What is the meaning of this sign?
You are approaching a railroad crossing.

You may drive on the railroad tracks here.

You are not permitted to drive on the railroad tracks.

You should stop at the railroad tracks.

3. What does this sign indicate?
There is a narrow bridge ahead.

The right lane is closed ahead.

You must stay to the right.

You should stop before proceeding.

4. If you have a BAC of .20% or higher you will
both of the above.

have to complete a DUI education program.

have your license suspended for 10 months.

5. If you see an emergency vehicle approaching with its lights and siren activated you should
Stay in your lane.

Speed up to stay ahead of the emergency vehicle.

Pull over to the right until the emergency vehicle has passed by.

6. The center turn lane
can be used by vehicles in either direction that are making left turns.

may be used to pass other vehicles.

can be used by vehicles turning right.

7. If your BAC is .20% or higher your license will be suspended for
two months.

10 months.

six months.

8. If you are involved in a hit-and-run your license may be suspended for up to
90 days.

a year.

30 days.

9. What does this hand signal indicate?
The driver is slowing down or stopping.

The driver is turning left.

The driver is turning right.

10. What is the meaning of this sign?
it shows the end of Route 47.

it shows the start of Route 47 north.

one-way traffic on Route 47 north.

you must turn right to enter Route 47 north.

11. If two vehicles are travelling in opposite directions on a steep uphill road where passing is not possible, the following applies.
The vehicle travelling uphill has right of way.

The vehicle travelling downhill has right of way.

The larger vehicle has right of way.

12. What is the meaning of this sign?
It tells you that you are approaching a narrow bridge; go slow.

It tells you that the right lane exits, buses excepted.

It tells you that you are approaching turns in the road; slow down.

It tells you that you are approaching merging traffic; stop and then proceed.

13. At a flashing red light you must
reduce speed before proceeding.

come to a complete stop before proceeding.

stop if you are turning left.

stop and turn right.

14. If you complete a traffic violator course you will receive
four points back on your driver's license.

two points back on your driver's license.

one point back on your driver's license.

15. If you are a minor and you are driving you may answer the phone
if it is your parents.

may not answer the phone.

if it is family.

if you reduce speed.

16. If you are in a skid when accelerating you should
turn the wheel.

slam on the brakes.

let off the gas.

17. What is the meaning of this sign?
You are approaching exit 22.

You are approaching mile marker 22.

The next exit is 22 miles away.

You are approaching an intersection with U.S. Route 22.

18. The following statement is true.
Activate your turn signal before passing another vehicle.

Both are true.

Do not pass unless you can safely move back over.

19. Your stopping distance is
a sum of perception, reaction, and braking distance.

your braking distance.

perception and braking distance.

20. If you are 18 years or older how long do you have to wait before taking your driving test?
You may take it immediately.

You must wait six months.

You must wait 12 months.

21. To avoid sudden braking or swerving you should look
200 feet ahead.

10-15 seconds ahead.

500 feet ahead.

22. _________ is the most common cause of death for Americans between the ages of 16 and 24.
Overdosing on drugs

Being obese

Drunk driving


23. When can you use the HOV lanes?
If you have the minimum number of people required.

both are true.

When you are riding on a motorcycle.

24. You should not pass
if there is a broken yellow line.

if you are approaching an intersection.

at night.

25. If you are approaching an intersection and the light turns solid yellow you should
reduce speed and be prepared to stop.

speed up to clear the intersection before the light turns red.

immediately stop.

26. If you notice the driver next to you talking on their cell phone you should
allow some extra distance between you and the other vehicle.

honk your horn.

Notify the police.

27. If you allow an unlicensed driver to operate your vehicle it may be impounded for up to
45 days.

150 days.

30 days.

28. The object in the picture is a(n)
traffic light.

interstate route marker.

nighttime reflector.

police officer's radar gun.

29. If you are convicted of fleeing from the police and there is an accident that results in serious injury or death you may receive a penalty of up to
seven years in prision and fine of up to $10,000.

two years in prision and a $2,000.

a year in prision and a $1,000.

30. The fine for a first DUI is up to