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Example Test #63

1. What is the meaning of this sign?
It indicates a narrow passage near a hill; drive slowly.

It indicates a bump ahead; maintain a uniform speed.

It indicates an acceleration ramp near a freeway; merge with freeway traffic.

It indicates a steep descent ahead; you may need to shift into a lower gear.

2. This sign indicates that
the divided highway soon ends.

you are approaching a detour.

you must keep right of the traffic island.

you must turn right for a low-clearance underpass.

3. This figure represents
a one-way road.

cross traffic coming up.

a two-way road.

an intersection ahead.

4. When towing a vehicle on a multilane highway you may use
any lane.

the right two lanes.

the middle lane.

5. What does this sign mean?
You must go straight.

You may go straight or turn left.

You must turn right.

6. If you purchase a vehicle you must complete the transfer of ownership no more than
10 days later.

20 days later.

30 days later.

7. What is the most dangerous place on a roadway?


Side streets.

8. This sign indicates that
traffic merges ahead.

this is a two-way street.

this is a narrow lane.

the divided highway ends.

9. What is the penalty for a DUI?
Any of the above.

Community service.

A license suspension.

Fines and increased insurance premiums.

10. Where should you stop at a stop sign?
After the sign.

At the white stop line.

You do not have to stop if no vehicles are present.

11. What should you do when turning?
Activate your turn signal 500 feet before turning.

Only signal if you are turning right.

Activate your signal before the turn.

12. What does this sign indicate?
You must stop.

You must reduce speed.

It indicates the direction traffic travels.

You may not turn.

13. Flag persons in a work zone
indicate the speed limit is reduced ahead.

remind drivers there is a work zone ahead.

guide and direct traffic as needed.

14. In this situation who has right of way?
Vehicle B must yield to vehicle A since it is on the right.

Vehicle B must yield to vehicle A since they are going straight.

Vehicle A must yield to vehicle B since it is to the left.

15. What does this hand signal indicate?
The driver is slowing down or stopping.

The driver is turning left.

The driver is turning right.

16. How soon must you obtain a California driver's license after moving?
10 days.

15 days.

30 days.

17. Turnout lanes on a two-lane road indicate
a rest area.

a shoulder.

passing zones.

18. The pavement markings in the picture tell you
that passing is forbidden here.

that passing is allowed here.

that drivers must take a detour here.

that drivers must turn here.

19. This sign means that the parking spaces can only be used by
senior citizens.



people with disabilities.

20. If the traffic light turns yellow you should
stop immediately.

reduce speed and be prepared to stop or clearance the intersection if you cannot safely stop.

reduce speed and proceed.

21. If the vehicle ahead of you has its hazard lights on
they may be experience a vehicle brake down.

they are stopping.

they are not paying attention.

22. If you abandon or dump an animal on a California highway you will receive
a fine of up to $1,000.

up to six months in jail.

possibly both.

23. What is the meaning of this regulatory sign?
It means the lane is reserved for high-occupancy vehicles during specified times.

It means the indicated lane is reserved for heavy trucks.

It means high-occupancy vehicles are not permitted here during specified times.

It means cars buses are allowed during specified times.

24. When making a turn you should
come to a complete stop.

slow down before making your turn.

be in the correct lane before turning.

25. In the fog you should
use your high-beams.

use your low-beams.

use your parking lights.

26. If you approach a flashing yellow traffic light you should
be prepared to stop.

proceed normally.

proceed with caution and reduce speed.

27. This sign tells you that
you are approaching a sharp curve near a hill; drive slowly.

you are approaching a gravel road with sharp curves; proceed carefully.

you are approaching a winding road; follow the directions.

the road is slippery when wet; drive slowly.

28. This sign tells you that
U-turns are forbidden here.

the road ahead is closed permanently.

parking is forbidden here.

parking is permitted here only for people with disabilities.

29. If you are approaching a T-intersection and you are on the street that ends
you must yield to vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists before turning.

you may enter since you have right of way.

the road is closed.

30. Where should you stop when approaching a stop sign?
Before the stop line.

Before the crosswalk.

The first line.