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Example Test #64

1. After parking on a street you should not open your door until
there are vehicle present.

you should not enter the street.

only if it is safe to do so.

2. Which of these contains a standard 1.5 ounce serving of alcohol?
one shot of 80 proof liquor

1 can of beer

a 5 ounce glass of wine

all of the above

3. If you see this sign
the road is closed.

you must turn right.

you are going the wrong way.

4. Which of the following is NOT a way in which drinking alcohol can affect you?
Increasing your alertness

Impairing your sight

Slowing down your reactions

Dulling your judgment

5. The shown single broken (dashed) white line indicates
traffic moving in the same direction.

the middle of a roadway where passing is forbidden.

the curb of the road.

traffic moving in opposite directions.

6. A minor with an instruction permit may only drive when accompanied by a
parent or guardian.

a license driver 25 years or older.

both of the above.

7. What do the arrows on this sign mean?
You must turn left.

You must turn right.

The road is closed ahead.

Traffic moves in both directions.

8. If you have two at fault accidents while having your provisional license
you will have to pay a fine.

you will be supervised for 30 days.

your license will be suspended.

9. What is the most dangerous place on a roadway?


Side streets.

10. What is the meaning of this sign?
Traffic merges ahead; stop before you merge.

There is a one-way road ahead; proceed carefully.

You are approaching a roundabout; get ready to yield.

U-turns are permitted; reduce your speed.

11. If your vehicle breaks down and you are unable to completely pull off the road you should
stop around a curve.

try to stop in a location where it is visible.

stop in the right lane.

12. If you complete a traffic violator course you will receive
four points back on your driver's license.

two points back on your driver's license.

one point back on your driver's license.

13. This sign indicates the location of a(n)
gas station.


rest area.

telephone service.

14. If you notice the driver next to you talking on their cell phone you should
allow some extra distance between you and the other vehicle.

honk your horn.

Notify the police.

15. What does this sign indicate?
A slow-moving vehicle.

A truck.

A bus.

16. What is this traffic sign used to indicate?
you are approaching a stop sign.

you are approaching a yield sign.

you are approaching a traffic signal.

you are approaching a roundabout.

17. What is the meaning of this sign?
Trucks may not make U-turns here.

None of the above.

All drivers must make U-turns here.

Drivers must not make U-turns here.

18. If you are under the age of 21 the following is illegal.
All of the above.

Purchasing alcohol.

Consuming alcohol.

Having a BAC of .02 or greater.

19. The center turn lane
can be used by vehicles in either direction that are making left turns.

may be used to pass other vehicles.

can be used by vehicles turning right.

20. What does this sign mean?
Only cyclists may use this roadway.

Cyclists have right of way.

You may not pass cyclists.

Cyclists are prohibited on this road.

21. Is it dangerous to hold something in your lap while driving?
Yes, always.

It is okay as long as it isn't a person or an animal.

No, as long as you won’t be distracted by it.

No, if it's only a small animal.

22. What is the meaning of this sign?
It tells you that you are approaching a narrow bridge; go slow.

It tells you that the right lane exits, buses excepted.

It tells you that you are approaching turns in the road; slow down.

It tells you that you are approaching merging traffic; stop and then proceed.

23. Your license will be suspended for ____ if you are are convicted of a first DUI offense.
two years.

180 days.

24. A single broken white line indicates
lanes travel in the same direction.

lanes travel in the opposite direction.

the shoulder.

you may not pass here.

25. Driving at night after consuming alcohol is dangerous because
the roads are busier at night.

your vision is already restricted.

you are more likely to be tired.

there are more impaired drivers on the road.

26. Can this vehicle park next the fire hydrant?
No, you must be at least 15 feet from the fire hydrant.

You may park temporarily.

You must be at least 30 feet from the fire hydrant.

27. When driving on California roads you consent to
letting your vehicle be searched.

a drug or alcohol test.

letting your home be searched.

28. You don't want to be distracted while driving, so you
keep your phone turned off until you stop driving.

only have emotionally difficult conversations during the first hour of your drive.

smoke, eat, and drink on parts of the road without any bends.

wait until there are no other cars around before you use your phone and smoke

29. What does this hand signal indicate?
The driver is slowing down or stopping.

The driver is turning left.

The driver is turning right.

30. If a sign has an arrow pointing straight and left
you must turn left.

you may turn left or proceed straight.