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Example Test #80

1. What does this sign indicate?
You must turn right ahead.

The road is closed ahead.

You must yield to approaching vehicles.

You may not enter.

2. When may drivers 18 years or older use a cell phone?
They may not use a cell phone when driving.

Only if the speed limit is 45 mph or less.

Only if it is hands-free.

3. The pavement markings in the picture tell you
that passing is forbidden here.

that passing is allowed here.

that drivers must take a detour here.

that drivers must turn here.

4. On a narrow uphill mountain road where only one vehicle may pass at a time who has right of way?
The vehicle going downhill.

The larger vehicle.

The vehicle going uphill.

5. What does this sign indicate?
There is an intersection ahead.

Passing is not allowed.

There is an obstacle ahead.

6. What is frequently found at a highway exit.
A traffic circle.

An acceleration lane.

An exit ramp.

7. The following sign indicates there is two-way traffic ahead.




8. If you are travelling on a one-way street with three or more lanes you should be in following lane when turning?
The center lane.

Any lane.

The outside lanes.

9. How soon must you obtain a California driver's license after moving?
10 days.

15 days.

30 days.

10. If you are involved in a collision with property damage and injuries you must file a report to the DMV
no more than 10 days later.

no more than 20 days later.

no more than 15 days later.

11. Which of these signs indicates a school zone?
Sign A

Sign B

Sign C

Sign D

12. When exiting a highway you should signal for
10 seconds before.

five seconds before.

two seconds before.

13. If you are 18 years or older you must be supervised by a licensed driver that is
at least 18 years old.

has a valid California driver's license.

meets both requirements.

14. The following is the recommended hand placement on the steering wheel when turning, parking, or in a skid.
The two-hand technique.

The over and under hand technique.

The hand-over-hand steering method.

15. You BAC is affected by
all of the above.

how fast you drink.

how much you have had to drink.

your body weight.

16. This is a ________ sign.
freeway interchange

highway exit

"Right Lane Ends"

"Divided Highway Begins"

17. The following sign indicates two-way traffic ahead.




18. When approaching an intersection and there is a cyclist.
You must yield to the cyclist.

You may proceed since you have right of way.

You must stop before proceeding.

19. You may not pass
if there is a broken yellow line.

if three is a broken white line.

if there is a solid yellow line.

20. Which of these signs directs you to a hospital?
Sign A

Sign B

Sign C

Sign D

21. You may make a U-turn
next to a fire station.

in a residential district.

only if there is a sign permitting U-turns.

22. If you are under the age of 21 and convicted of having alcoholic beverages in your vehicle it may be impounded for up to
30 days.

180 days.

10 days.

23. What is the meaning of this sign?
Merging is prohibited.

You may not pass here.

Do not walk here.

Do not turn right.

24. What does this sign indicate?
There is a winding road ahead.

There is a hairpin curve ahead.

The road is closed ahead.

25. A blind person will typically have a
red cane.

a guide dog.

a white cane and possibly a guide dog.

26. The arrow on this sign tells you that
all drivers must stop here to turn right.

drivers may drive in either direction.

all traffic must travel only in the direction indicated by the arrow.

the lane ahead is only for trucks to turn right.

27. When can you use the HOV lanes?
If you have the minimum number of people required.

both are true.

When you are riding on a motorcycle.

28. What is this lane used for?
It is for passing.

Vehicles travelling in either direction may enter to turn left.

Vehicles travelling in either direction may enter to turn right.

29. If you are under the age of 18 your license may be cancelled by
your parents or guardian.

your school administrator.

a doctor.

30. What does this image indicate?
There is a one-way road.

There is a side street.

There is a two-way road ahead.

You may not pass ahead.