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Example Test #81

1. This sign is a(n)
route marker sign.

service sign.

warning sign.

regulatory sign.

2. What is the meaning of this sign?
You are approaching a detour.

You are approaching a work zone.

You are approaching a bump in the road.

You are approaching a low place in the road.

3. This sign indicates that
you are approaching a rest area.

you are approaching a high school.

you are approaching a handicapped service area.

you are approaching a hospital.

4. You may not have an open container of alcohol
in the passenger area of a limousine.

in the passenger area of motor vehicle.

residential areas of a motorhome.

in the trunk of a passenger car.

5. What does this image indicate?
You may not pass.

You may pass.

You may only turn left.

Only trucks may pass.

6. What does this sign mean?
You may turn left.

There is a curve to the right.

The right lane is closed ahead.

There is a sharp turn to the right.

7. If you purchase a vehicle you must complete the transfer of ownership no more than
10 days later.

20 days later.

30 days later.

8. What is the meaning of this sign?
You are approaching a Y-intersection.

The road ahead is closed.

You are approaching the rails of a narrow bridge.

This roadway ends at a T-intersection.

9. What is the meaning of this sign?
you are approaching exit 22.

you are approaching mile marker 22.

the next exit is 22 miles away.

you are approaching an intersection with U.S. Route 22.

10. If you have several drinks you will be below the legal limit in
two hours.

30 minutes.

a day.

it varies.

11. What is the meaning of this flashing arrow panel?
The left lane ahead is winding.

The lane ahead is closed.

The lane ahead is not closed.

There are flag persons (flaggers) coming up ahead.

12. The maximum speed on a two-lane undivided highway is
50 mph.

55 mph.

45 mph.

13. High-beams should not be used
on empty rural highways.

when no vehicles are nearby.

in the fog or heavy rain.

14. What would freeze first?
A bridge.

A road.

They would freeze at the same time.

15. What is this lane used for?
It is for passing.

Vehicles travelling in either direction may enter to turn left.

Vehicles travelling in either direction may enter to turn right.

16. Where would this sign be found?
In a work zone.

In a school zone.

Near an intersection.

At a crosswalk.

17. Which of the following is true for drivers who are below twenty-one years old?
They are allowed to purchase alcohol, but not to drink it.

They can drink small amounts of alcohol, but not while driving.

They are permitted to have tiny, traceable amounts of alcohol in their blood while driving.

They are not permitted to buy, consume, or be in possession of alcohol.

18. If two vehicles are travelling in opposite directions on a steep uphill road where passing is not possible, the following applies.
The vehicle travelling uphill has right of way.

The vehicle travelling downhill has right of way.

The larger vehicle has right of way.

19. Where should you stop when approaching a stop sign?
Before the stop line.

Before the crosswalk.

The first line.

20. This sign alerts you to a
slippery road.

two-way road.

winding road.

double curve on the road.

21. Who has right of way in this situation?
Vehicle A.

Vehicle C.

The pedestrian.

22. What does this sign indicate?
There is a traffic light ahead.

There is a railroad crossing ahead.

There is a stop sign ahead.

23. This reflective triangular orange sign indicates that the vehicle is


a heavy truck.

carrying hazardous materials.

24. What does this image tell you?
You can cross the broken yellow line to pass or turn, if it is safe.

Vehicles may not cross the broken yellow line to either pass or turn.

You are not permitted to cross the broken yellow line here in any situation.

You may cross the broken yellow line only to turn, if it is safe.

25. When is double parking allowed?
You may not double park.

Only if you are parking temporarily.

Only in the day.

26. How soon must you obtain a California driver's license after moving?
10 days.

15 days.

30 days.

27. If you are drinking you should
Any of the above.

take public transportation.

take a taxi.

have a designated driver.

28. If you are following a large truck that is turning right you should
cut inside to the right.

allow sufficient space for them to turn.

turn to the left of the truck.

29. This sign indicates the
road is closed ahead.

road is winding ahead.

road is slippery when wet.

30. What is this sign used to indicate?
none of the above.

you are approaching exit number 117.

the next exit is 117 miles away.

you must take this exit to enter route 117.