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Example Test #82

1. If you see a blind pedestrian with a white cane and guide dog
you should speed up and pass them before they cross.

stop five feet from the crosswalk.

honk your horn.

2. When can a child under the age of eight ride in the front seat of a passenger vehicle?
They may ride in the front anytime.

They may not be in the front under any circumstance.

They may ride in the front if the rear seats are occupied by children under the age of eight.

3. What does this sign mean?
You must go straight.

You may go straight or turn left.

You must turn right.

4. If you do not want to be distracted when you are driving you should
turn off your phone.

not drive when you are sad or angry.

not eat or drink when you are driving.

all of the above.

5. What does this sign indicate?
There is a winding road ahead.

There is a hairpin curve ahead.

The road is closed ahead.

6. What must you do at a yield sign?
Yield right of way and stop if needed.

Stop before proceeding.

Proceed normally.

7. This blue sign tells you that _______ is/are available here.


a gas station.


8. What does this sign indicate?
None of the above.

There is a traffic light ahead.

There is school zone ahead.

There is a stop sign ahead.

9. What does this sign indicate?
There is an airport ahead.

Be alert for low-flying aircraft.

Aircraft may enter the roadway.

10. What does this sign indicate?
You should stay to the right.

The right lane is closed ahead.

You must turn right ahead.

11. This sign indicates the location of a(n)
gas station.


rest area.

telephone service.

12. How many vehicles can you tow with a Class C license?



13. Who has right of way on highway?
Merging vehicles.

Vehicles exiting the highway.

Vehicles on the highway.

14. Minors may use a cell phone
if they reduce speed.

they may not use a cell phone.

only if it is hands-free.

only when driving below 25 mph.

15. A solid yellow and broken line indicates
both sides may pass.

passing is permitted on the side with the broken line.

passing is prohibited on both sides.

16. This is a ________ sign.
freeway interchange

highway exit

"Right Lane Ends"

"Divided Highway Begins"

17. If you have a provisional license you may drive outside the restricted hours if
you have a doctor's appointment.

for school-related activities.

for both reasons.

18. What is this sign?
A highway interchange sign.

A route marker sign.

A stop sign.

A speed limit sign.

19. Which of the pictured pavement markings separates two lanes of traffic traveling in the same direction?
Sign A

Sign B

Sign C

None of the above

20. Vehicle B has made a right turn at a red light and vehicle A has a green light, who has right of way?
Vehicle B must yield to vehicle A since they have a red light.

Vehicle A should pass vehicle B.

Vehicle A must yield to vehicle B.

21. What does this sign indicate?
You must turn right.

The road is closed ahead.

There is a Y-intersection ahead.

There is a sidestreet ahead.

22. What does this hand signal indicate?
The drive is slowing down.

The driver is turning left.

The driver is turning right.

23. Open containers of alcohol are NOT allowed in which of the following areas?
Passenger areas of limousines

Passenger areas of standard passenger cars

Residential areas of motor homes

In the trunk of a passenger car

24. What is this sign used to indicate?
You are driving in a school zone

There is a flagger at a work zone

It tells you that a road crew is at work here

It alerts you to a pedestrian crosswalk at an intersection

25. When turning right and there is a bike lane
you may not enter.

you may enter if no cyclists are present.

you may enter 200 feet before turning.

26. What is frequently found at a highway exit.
A traffic circle.

An acceleration lane.

An exit ramp.

27. What is the meaning of this sign?
You are approaching a hospital

You are approaching a railroad crossing

You are approaching a four-way intersection

You are approaching a side road

28. What sign on a truck indicates it is carrying hazardous materials?
A diamond-shaped sign.

A square sign.

A rectangular sign.

29. What is the meaning of this sign?
Trucks are permitted to enter or cross this roadway.

Trucks are forbidden to enter or cross this roadway.

High-occupancy vehicles are allowed to enter or cross this roadway.

Vehicles carrying hazardous materials are allowed to enter or cross this roadway.

30. Where would this sign be found?
In a school zone.

In a work zone.

At a crosswalk.

At an exit ramp.