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Example Test #86

1. When you see this sign at an intersection, it tells you to
yield the right-of-way or stop before making a turn in either direction.

You may not continue further

Keep to the right.

share the road with oncoming traffic.

2. What is the meaning of this sign?
Merging is prohibited.

You may not pass here.

Do not walk here.

Do not turn right.

3. This sign is a(n)
warning sign at a work zone.

guide sign on an interstate highway.

object marker on a roadway.

barricade at a work zone.

4. The reflective triangular orange sign in the picture represents
a slow-moving vehicle.

a fast-moving vehicle.

a heavy truck.

a vehicle that carries hazardous materials.

5. Vehicle should not share a lane with motorcyclists
because they are smaller.

because they may need to manuever.

because they are less visible.

6. What does this sign indicate?
The divided highway ends.

The road is closed ahead.

You must turn right.

7. The following sign indicates two-way traffic ahead.




8. What does this sign indicate?
You may turn right.

You may not turn right.

You may not go straight.

You must turn left.

9. If you have a BAC of .20% or higher you will
both of the above.

have to complete a DUI education program.

have your license suspended for 10 months.

10. If your vehicle breaks down you should
stop immediately.

activate your hazard lights and pull off to the shoulder.

11. The following statement is true.
Activate your turn signal before passing another vehicle.

Both are true.

Do not pass unless you can safely move back over.

12. What is the meaning of these double arrows?
They tell you the divided highway ends.

They tell you that two-way traffic is ahead.

They tell you that a divided highway begins.

They tell you that traffic may flow on both sides.

13. What is this sign used to indicate?
drivers on the left must make a left turn and vehicles on the right must make a right turn.

drivers on the left must make a left turn and drivers on the right must keep going straight.

drivers on the left must turn left and drivers on the right must merge with the right lane.

drivers on the left must turn left and drivers on the right can either go straight or turn right.

14. When approaching the crest of a hill or going around a curve you should
slow down and stay in the middle of the lane.

turn on your headlights.

reduce speed and stay to the right of your lane.

15. What does this signal mean?
Pedestrians may not cross.

Pedestrians may cross.

Pedestrians must yield to vehicles.

Vehicles must yield to pedestrians.

16. What is the meaning of this sign?
bicyclists are forbidden to use this lane.

bicyclists should only use the lane in which the sign is posted.

a bikeway will cross the roadway ahead.

you are approaching a no-passing zone for bicyclists.

17. During the first year of having your provisional license you may
drive with passengers under the age of 20.

drive anyime.

drive alone.

18. When your tires loose traction in the rain or standing water this is known as



19. If you approach a T-intersection you must
yield to traffic on the through street before proceeding.

turn right only.

yield to vehicles and cyclists only.

20. What is the meaning of this sign?
You are approaching a cattle crossing

You are approaching a veterinary hospital

You are approaching a zoo

You are approaching a farmhouse

21. The following vehicle is not using a traffic circle correctly?
Vehicle A.

Vehicle B.

Vehicle C.

22. This sign indicates that
there is a pedestrian crosswalk here.

there is a hospital zone here.

there is a handicapped parking zone here.

wheelchairs are available here.

23. What does this sign mean?
There is a left turn ahead.

The left lane is closed ahead.

The road curves to the right ahead.

The road curves to the left ahead.

24. At a marked or unmarked crosswalk you must
stop before proceeding.

only stop if pedestrians are in the crosswalk.

only yield if a pedestrian is in a marked crosswalk.

25. If the traffic light turns yellow you should
stop immediately.

reduce speed and be prepared to stop or clearance the intersection if you cannot safely stop.

reduce speed and proceed.

26. What does this sign indicate?
You are approaching the end of the divided highway

You are approaching the point where traffic merges

You are approaching one-way traffic.

You are approaching the beginning of a divided highway.

27. If you are a minor and you are driving you may answer the phone
if it is your parents.

may not answer the phone.

if it is family.

if you reduce speed.

28. What is the meaning of this sign?
It means you are approaching a hospital

It means you are approaching a railroad crossing

It means you are approaching a four-way intersection

It means you are approaching a side road

29. If you are under the age of 21 your license will be suspended for
all of the above.

transporting alcohol.

transporting an open container of alcohol.

driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

30. To avoid sudden braking or swerving you should look
200 feet ahead.

10-15 seconds ahead.

500 feet ahead.