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Example Test #88

1. What is the meaning of this traffic sign?
Only left turns are permitted here.

Move only in the directions indicated.

Do not pass vehicles on the left here.

Passing is permitted in the directions indicated.

2. What is the meaning of this sign?
None of the above

There is a traffic signal at an intersection ahead

There is a stop sign at an intersection ahead

There is a stop signal at a railroad crossing ahead

3. Where two or more roads meet and there are entrance and exit ramps
is an interchange.

is an exit ramp.

is a turn lane.

4. If you have two at fault accidents while having your provisional license
you will have to pay a fine.

you will be supervised for 30 days.

your license will be suspended.

5. Which of these signs shows you where the hospital is?
Sign A

Sign B

Sign C

Sign D

6. Broken white lines on the pavement indicate
that passing is permitted if done safely.

that passing is not allowed.

that the left lane is used by bicycles and motorcyclists.

that traffic moves in opposite directions here.

7. The sign in the picture is a(n)
interstate route marker.

speed limit sign on a hill.

speed limit sign at a roundabout.

speed limit sign on an expressway.

8. To deal with highway hypnosis, drowsiness and fatigue, drivers should _________ to keep them alert.
exercise their eyes

take stimulants

send text messages

talk on their cell phone

9. What does this sign indicate?
You must drive at least 40 mph.

The speed limit is 40 mph.

The speed limit in the rain is 40 mph.

The speed limit is 40 for trucks.

10. Which of the following is NOT a way in which drinking alcohol can affect you?
Increasing your alertness

Impairing your sight

Slowing down your reactions

Dulling your judgment

11. Possible distractions from driving include
Checking blind spots

Using your mobile phone

Checking your mirrors

Checking behind you for traffic

12. You BAC is affected by
all of the above.

how fast you drink.

how much you have had to drink.

your body weight.

13. NEV use only lanes are for
HOV vehicles.

slow-moving vehicles in residential areas.

for passing.

14. If you approach an intersection where the traffic lights are dark you should
Reduce speed before proceeding.

You may proceed if you are on the main road.

Treat the intersection as a four-way stop.

15. If you notice the driver next to you talking on their cell phone you should
allow some extra distance between you and the other vehicle.

honk your horn.

Notify the police.

16. There is a situation in the back seat that needs your attention while you are driving. You should
alter the rear-view mirror so you can see what is happening.

turn around and deal with the situation while glancing ahead frequently.

pull over to the roadside and park safely before dealing with the situation.

reduce your speed and deal with the situation while continuing to drive.

17. If you are driving in reverse you should check to the sides and
behind the vehicle.

to the left.

to the right.

18. The following statement is false.
Vehicles entering the roadway from a side street or driveway must yield to vehicles in the roadway.

Pedestrians have the right of way in or entering a crosswalk.

At a T-intersection, vehicles on the roadway that ends have right of way.

19. What does this sign mean?
There is a gas station ahead.

There is food ahead.

There is lodging ahead.

There is a rest stop ahead.

20. If car approaches from the opposite direction and fails to dim its headlights you should
look towards the left shoulder.

look towards the right shoulder.

look straight ahead.

21. When can a child under the age of eight ride in the front seat of a passenger vehicle?
They may ride in the front anytime.

They may not be in the front under any circumstance.

They may ride in the front if the rear seats are occupied by children under the age of eight.

22. If the driver ahead of you has their left arm extended outward with the forearm pointing upward they are
about to stopt.

about to turn right.

about to turn left.

23. What is the meaning of this sign?
You are approaching a country road; slow down.

Farm equipment may not continue past this sign.

You are approaching a slippery road; use special tires.

Farm machinery may cross the road here.

24. If you are parking uphill the wheel should be pointed
away from the curb.

toward the curb.

straight ahead.

25. If you are being tailgated you should
speed up.

reduce speed.

move over a lane or pull over.

26. What does this sign indicate?
Vehicles may turn left.

Vehicles must turn right.

Vehicles must turn left.

Vehicles may go straight.

27. What type of drink contains about an ounce and a half of alcohol?
A shot of 80-proof liquor.

A can of beer.

A five ounce glass of wine.

All of the above.

28. The pavement markings in the picture tell you
none of the above.

that vehicles must not cross the solid yellow line unless they want to pass.

vehicles may not cross the broken white lines in any situation.

vehicles must not cross the solid yellow line unless they are turning left.

29. The following is true.
If there is a solid white line you should stay in your lane.

You may not pass if there is a broken yellow line.

You may not turn left if there is a double solid yellow line.

30. What type of signs are shaped like a diamond with a black and yellow background?
Warning sings.

Regulatory signs.

Speed limit signs.