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Example Test #9

1. What should you do if you see this sign?
Reduce speed and be prepared to stop.

Come to complete stop before proceeding.

Reduce speed and yield to vehicles only.

2. If you are travelling on a multilane highway and there is a stopped emergency vehicle in the next lane with its lights activated you must
reduce speed.

move over a lane or reduce speed.

proceed normally.

3. What does this sign indicate?
U-turns are prohibited.

Left turn only.

You must yield when making a U-turn.

4. The following statement is false.
Low-beams should be used if there are other vehicles nearby.

High-beams should be used if there are other vehicles nearby.

Low-beams should be used in the rain and fog.

5. The following sign indicates a hospital ahead.




6. The speed limit when towing on a two-lane highwah is
55 mph.

70 mph.

45 mph.

7. This marking indicates the lane is for
HOV vehicles or buses.


stopping only.

8. This warning sign tells you that
you are approaching a single-use path crossing.

this lane is shared with bicyclists.

you are approaching a multi-use path crossing.

you are approaching a school zone.

9. This sign is posted to
show designated routes.

show alternate routes during road closures and construction.

mark the route to a hospital.

show tourist routes.

10. The following may impair your ability to operate a motor vehicle.
Prescription drugs.

Over-the-counter drugs.


11. What does this sign indicate?
You may make a U-turn.

None of the above.

Trucks may not make a U-turn.

U-turns are prohibited.

12. If your BAC is above ____ during the preliminary screening you may be required to submit to a urine or blood test.



13. Which of the following options is true?
It is legal to use audio navigation while driving.

If you are lost, it is okay to type navigation instructions while driving as long as you are quick.

It is okay to send and read short text messages while driving.

Eating your lunch while driving is safe and saves time.

14. What sign on a truck indicates it is carrying hazardous materials?
A diamond-shaped sign.

A square sign.

A rectangular sign.

15. What color curb indicates handicapped parking?



16. What does this hand signal indicate?
The driver is slowing down or stopping.

The driver is turning left.

The driver is turning right.

17. When can you make a left turn at a red light?
When turning from a one-way street onto another one-way street.

When turning from a one-way street onto a two-way street.

Only if permitted by a sign.

18. What does this sign indicate?
Vehicles are prohibited on this road.

Trucks may not use this road.

The road is closed.

Only trucks may use this road.

19. What does this sign indicate?
The divided highway ends.

The road is closed ahead.

You must turn right.

20. A steady red X over a lane on the highway means that
you can only use this lane.

you are permitted to use this lane.

you must stop in this lane.

you are not permitted to drive in this lane.

21. This sign indicates that
you are approaching a rest area.

you are approaching a high school.

you are approaching a handicapped service area.

you are approaching a hospital.

22. What is the meaning of this sign?
You are approaching a detour.

You are approaching a work zone.

You are approaching a bump in the road.

There is a low place in the road ahead.

23. When must you use a turn signal?
Only if other vehicles are present.

100 feet before turning.

Three to five seconds before turning.

24. This is a ________ sign.
freeway interchange

highway exit

"Right Lane Ends"

"Divided Highway Begins"

25. What does this sign indicate?
Vehicles are prohibited ahead.

Cyclists have right of way.

There is a multi-use path ahead.

Cyclists may use the roadway.

26. This sign indicates that
the divided highway soon ends.

you are approaching a detour.

you must keep right of the traffic island.

you must turn right for a low-clearance underpass.

27. What is the meaning of this road sign?
You are approaching a cattle crossing

You are approaching a veterinary hospital

You are approaching a zoo

You are approaching a farmhouse

28. A minor with an instruction permit may only drive when accompanied by a
parent or guardian.

a license driver 25 years or older.

both of the above.

29. If you are under the age of 21
you may purchase alcohol.

you may drink alcohol in small amounts.

you may have alcohol in the vehicle.

you may not purchase, consume, or possess alcohol.

30. What is the meaning of this sign?
All drivers must make a right turn here

All drivers must merge right.

All drivers must make a left turn here.

All drivers must merge left here.