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Example Test #90

1. If you see a red X over a lane
it is an HOV lane.

you may use this lane for passing.

you may use this lane for turning.

you may not use this lane.

2. When can you pass a stopped school bus with the red lights activated?
If there are no children present.

After reducing speed.

When the red lights are turned off.

3. What must you do at a yield sign?
Yield right of way and stop if needed.

Stop before proceeding.

Proceed normally.

4. What is this image used to indicate?
A broken white line that allows passing

A broken white line that forbids passing

An accident situation due to reduced following distance

A car making a U-turn

5. What is the correct course of action when you see this sign?
You should exit the highway at a minimum speed of 30 mph.

You should speed up to 30 mph and pass the vehicle in front.

You should exit the highway with a speed of 30 mph or less.

You should leave the highway with a maximum speed of 60 mph.

6. If you are driving in reverse you should check to the sides and
behind the vehicle.

to the left.

to the right.

7. What does this sign indicate?
You may make a U-turn.

None of the above.

Trucks may not make a U-turn.

U-turns are prohibited.

8. If you are parking downhill you should
leave the vehicle in park and set the parking brake.

leave it in gear.

leave it drive.

9. What is this sign used to indicate?
No right turns allowed

There is a curve to the right

Traffic merges from the right here

There is a sharp right turn

10. If you are in a skid, the most important device is
the gas pedal.

the brake pedal.

the steering wheel.

11. If you are driving below the speed limit on a two-lane road you must pull over
if there are more than five vehicles behind you.

if there are any vehicles behind you.

if there are more than four vehicles behind you.

12. During the first year of having your provisional license you may
drive with passengers under the age of 20.

drive anyime.

drive alone.

13. What does this sign indicate?
You must turn right ahead.

The road is closed ahead.

There is a traffic circle ahead.

You may turn left ahead.

14. If you are in an intersection and an emergency vehicle approaches with its lights and sirens activated you should
move to the right and stop in the intersection.

turn left and stop.

proceed through the intersection and pull over to the right.

15. If two vehicles are travelling in opposite directions on a steep uphill road where passing is not possible, the following applies.
The vehicle travelling uphill has right of way.

The vehicle travelling downhill has right of way.

The larger vehicle has right of way.

16. A solid yellow and broken line indicates
both sides may pass.

passing is permitted on the side with the broken line.

passing is prohibited on both sides.

17. The arrow on the sign in the picture means that
all drivers must stop before making a right turn.

drivers can go in either direction.

all traffic must travel in the direction of the arrow.

the lane ahead can only be used by trucks to turn right.

18. If you are involved in a hit-and-run your license may be suspended for up to
90 days.

a year.

30 days.

19. What is the meaning of this sign?
it shows the end of Route 47.

it shows the start of Route 47 north.

one-way traffic on Route 47 north.

you must turn right to enter Route 47 north.

20. This sign tells you that
you are approaching a sharp curve near a hill; drive slowly.

you are approaching a gravel road with sharp curves; proceed carefully.

you are approaching a winding road; follow the directions.

the road is slippery when wet; drive slowly.

21. When approaching this sign you should

proceed normally.

reduce your speed and be prepared to stop.

22. The maximum speed on a two-lane undivided highway is
50 mph.

55 mph.

45 mph.

23. What does this sign indicate?
You may not park to the right of the sign.

You may park to the left of the sign.

You may not park to the left of the sign.

You may park here with a permit.

24. What does this image mean?
There is a broken white line that permits passing.

There is a broken white line that prohibits passing.

The lane is closed.

You may turn here.

25. The speed limit when approaching a blind intersection is
25 mph.

15 mph.

20 mph.

26. What does this sign indicate?
There is a school ahead.

No parking ahead.

This space is reserved for handicap persons.

27. If you feel tired before you drive
you should sleep.

you should drink some coffee.

you should exercise.

you should drive with the window down.

28. What does this sign indicate?
There is an airport ahead.

Be alert for low-flying aircraft.

Aircraft may enter the roadway.

29. This sign indicates that
You may turn left when the green arrow is on.

Left turns are forbidden when the green arrow goes out.

You may turn left when the steady green signal is lit and there are no oncoming vehicles.

You may turn left only when the steady green signal is not lit.

30. If you get a ticket while having a provisonal driver's license and do not pay the fine
your parents must appear in court.

your license will be suspended.

your school will be notified of the violation.