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Example Test #93

1. What is the minimum age for an adult driver's license?



2. What is the meaning of this regulatory sign?
It means the lane is reserved for high-occupancy vehicles during specified times.

It means the indicated lane is reserved for heavy trucks.

It means high-occupancy vehicles are not permitted here during specified times.

It means cars buses are allowed during specified times.

3. If you approach a flashing yellow traffic light you should
be prepared to stop.

proceed normally.

proceed with caution and reduce speed.

4. If you are turning left onto a driveway you must
yield to pedestrians.

yield to vehicles.

yield to vehicles and pedestrians.

5. If you see this sign, there is a
winding road ahead.

dangerous curve ahead.

right turn ahead.

6. The following statement is false.
Low-beams should be used if there are other vehicles nearby.

High-beams should be used if there are other vehicles nearby.

Low-beams should be used in the rain and fog.

7. The following is the recommended hand placement on the steering wheel when turning, parking, or in a skid.
The two-hand technique.

The over and under hand technique.

The hand-over-hand steering method.

8. When can you turn right at a red light?
Only if there are no approaching vehicles.

You must wait until the light turns green.

Only after coming to a complete stop and yielding to any vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists.

9. This orange reflective triangle indicates
a slow-moving vehicle ahead.

a truck ahead.

a bicycle ahead.

a bus ahead.

10. What does this sign indicate?
There is a stop sign ahead.

You must turn left ahead.

Trucks may not use this road.

There is a low spot in the road.

11. Center turn lanes are for
vehicles turning right.

passing stopped vehicles.

left turns.

12. You may receive the following penalties if you are convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
any or all of the above

community service

suspension of your driving license

severe fines and increased insurance rates

13. When can you park near a driveway.
You may not block a driveway.

Only if you are parking temporarily.

Only if it is a private driveway.

14. What is the meaning of this sign?
The lane can only be used by high-speed vehicles.

The lane can only be used for certain purposes or certain vehicles.

The lane is shared for left turns from both directions of travel.

The lane can only be used to make right turns.

15. What is this sign used to indicate?
You are approaching the end of the divided highway.

you are approaching the start of a divided highway.

The right lane is closed ahead.

You are approaching an underpass.

16. If you are crossing a highway from a side street or secondary road you must
turn right only.

enter since you have right of way.

yield right of way to traffic on the main road.

17. What does this sign mean?
You may turn left.

There is a curve to the right.

The right lane is closed ahead.

There is a sharp turn to the right.

18. What is the meaning of this sign?
It means you are approaching a hospital

It means you are approaching a railroad crossing

It means you are approaching a four-way intersection

It means you are approaching a side road

19. When carrying a load that extends beyond the rear bumper of your vehicle you must
place a flag at the end of the load.

place an orange or red flag at the end of load and two red lights at night.

a white flag at the end of the load.

20. If you are drinking you should
Any of the above.

take public transportation.

take a taxi.

have a designated driver.

21. The object in the picture is a(n)
traffic light.

interstate route marker.

nighttime reflector.

police officer's radar gun.

22. If you allow an unlicensed driver to operate your vehicle it may be impounded for up to
45 days.

150 days.

30 days.

23. The following activity is not a distraction when you are driving.
Changing the radio.

Using your GPS.

Adjusting your mirrors.

Loosening the lid of your coffee before driving.

24. Where would you see this sign?
A school zone.

A work zone.

At a crosswalk.

25. When you see this sign at an intersection, it tells you to
yield the right-of-way or stop before making a turn in either direction.

You may not continue further

Keep to the right.

share the road with oncoming traffic.

26. If you are under the age of 18 your license may be cancelled by
your parents or guardian.

your school administrator.

a doctor.

27. Two sets of double solid lines indicate
passing is prohibited.

you may turn left.

passing and left turns are prohibited.

28. What does this sign indicate?
There is a hotel ahead.

There is a school zone ahead.

There is an intersection ahead.

There is a work zone ahead.

29. The pictured broken white lines tell you that
passing is permitted if you do so safely.

passing is forbidden here.

the left lane is used by bicycles and motorcyclists.

traffic moves in opposite directions here.

30. What color curb indicates handicapped parking?