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Example Test #94

1. The following is the recommended hand placement on the steering wheel when turning, parking, or in a skid.
The two-hand technique.

The over and under hand technique.

The hand-over-hand steering method.

2. If you are following a large truck that is turning right you should
cut inside to the right.

allow sufficient space for them to turn.

turn to the left of the truck.

3. A California insurance policy must cover up to _____ in the event of death or injury to two or more persons.



4. In which of the following places in your vehicle is it legal to have open containers of alcohol?
Under your seat

The front seat

The console

None of the above

5. When should you allow extra space?
Both of the above.

When you are being passed.

When you are following a large truck.

6. Where should you stop at a stop sign?
After the sign.

At the white stop line.

You do not have to stop if no vehicles are present.

7. When changing lanes you should
check behind you.

check behind and to the side.

to the side only.

8. When can you drive on the shoulder?
You may not drive on the shoulder.

When passing turning vehicles.

When making a right turn.

9. Where would you see this sign?
A school zone.

A work zone.

At a crosswalk.

10. What is the meaning of these pavement markings?
They mean you are traveling on a three-way road.

They mean that you are traveling on a one-way road.

They mean that vehicles traveling in either direction are allowed to turn left.

They mean that vehicles traveling in either direction are allowed to turn right.

11. If you are being passed you must
reduce speed.

maintain your current speed.

move over to the right.

12. What does this sign indicate?
You are approaching the end of the divided highway

You are approaching the point where traffic merges

You are approaching one-way traffic.

You are approaching the beginning of a divided highway.

13. What happens as your BAC rises?
All of the above.

Your brain becomes affected by the alcohol.

Self-control and judgement are affected.

Coordination and muscle control are affected.

14. When passing a large truck or bus you should
be alert of the weight of the vehicle.

be alert for their mirrors.

be alert of their blind spots.

15. What is the meaning of this sign?
one of the above.

You are approaching exit number 117.

the next exit is 117 miles ahead.

you must take this exit if you want to enter route 117.

16. If your vehicle breaks down you should
stop immediately.

activate your hazard lights and pull off to the shoulder.

17. What does this sign indicate?
Route 47 begins.

Route 47 is closed.

You may enter Route 47 from the left lane.

You may enter Route 47 from the right lane.

18. Regulatory devices indicate you
must obey the light or sign.

should obey the light or sign.

may proceed if it is safe.

19. When can you park near a driveway.
You may not block a driveway.

Only if you are parking temporarily.

Only if it is a private driveway.

20. What is the meaning of this sign?
You are getting close to an airport.

Airplanes fly at low heights here.

Airplanes fly in this direction.

An RC flying zone is ahead.

21. You may receive up to ____ in jail for a first DUI offense.
45 days.

180 days.

30 days.

22. How soon must you obtain a California driver's license after moving?
10 days.

15 days.

30 days.

23. The sign and pavement markings in the picture allow
none of the above.

left turns from either direction.

right turns from either direction.

passing from either direction.

24. What is the meaning of this sign?
It means the road ahead is closed.

It means you are driving in the wrong direction.

It means there is an abandoned road ahead.

It means you must not enter here.

25. What is the meaning of this sign?
You are approaching a railroad crossing

You are approaching a tunnel

You are approaching a work zone

You are approaching a crossroads

26. Lending your handicap permit or licenses plates to a person that is not handicapped is punishably by
both of the above.

jail time.

a fine.

27. What should you do when turning?
Activate your turn signal 500 feet before turning.

Only signal if you are turning right.

Activate your signal before the turn.

28. If you are on driving probation for a DUI you may not drive if your BAC is



29. Traffic violations will stay on your record for a minimum of
24 months.

12 months.

36 months.

30. The vertical rectangular traffic sign normally
warns you about the condition of the road.

gives instructions to drivers.

directs drivers to stop.

gives a route number.