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Example Test #96

1. The number on this sign represents
an exit number.

the number of miles until the next exit.

the maximum allowed speed on the exit ramp.

a U.S. Route marker.

2. The following statement is true.
All vehicles have airbags.

You do not have to wear a seatbelf if your vehicle has airbags.

When used with a seatbelt they greatly reduce the risk of serious injury or death.

3. If you see this road sign, you must
exit the highway at 30 mph or more.

speed up to 30 mph and pass the vehicle in front of you.

exit the highway with a maximum speed of 30 mph.

exit the highway at 60 mph or less.

4. What should you do when turning?
Activate your turn signal 500 feet before turning.

Only signal if you are turning right.

Activate your signal before the turn.

5. To deal with highway hypnosis, drowsiness and fatigue, drivers should _________ to keep them alert.
exercise their eyes

take stimulants

send text messages

talk on their cell phone

6. What is the meaning of this sign?
There is a narrow passage near a hill; drive slowly.

There is a bump ahead; keep a uniform speed.

There is an acceleration ramp near a freeway; merge with the freeway traffic.

There is a steep descent ahead; you might need to shift into a lower gear.

7. What is the meaning of this road sign?
You are approaching a construction zone

You are approaching a forest zone

You are approaching a rest area

You are approaching a parking zone

8. If you are under the age of 18 your license may be cancelled by
your parents or guardian.

your school administrator.

a doctor.

9. You may not pass
if there is a broken yellow line.

if three is a broken white line.

if there is a solid yellow line.

10. A solid yellow arrow means
you should speed up to get through the intersection.

you should stop.

the signal will soon turn green or red.

11. Where would this sign be found?
In a school zone.

In a work zone.

At a crosswalk.

At an exit ramp.

12. If you do not want to be distracted when you are driving you should
turn off your phone.

not drive when you are sad or angry.

not eat or drink when you are driving.

all of the above.

13. When may drivers 18 years or older use a cell phone?
They may not use a cell phone when driving.

Only if the speed limit is 45 mph or less.

Only if it is hands-free.

14. What is the meaning of these pavement markings?
This is a three-way road.

This is a one-way road.

Vehicles traveling in either direction can make left turns.

Vehicles traveling in either direction can make right turns.

15. If you are convicted of DUI under the age of 21 your license will be suspended
and you will be required to drive with an adult until you turn 21.

you will be required to complete an alcohol education course.

you will have to take the driving test again.

16. Freeway signs like this one are known as
route marker signs.

crossroads indicators.

work zone markers.

dynamic message signs.

17. You may make a U-turn
next to a fire station.

in a residential district.

only if there is a sign permitting U-turns.

18. The sign in the picture is a(n)
interstate route marker.

speed limit sign on a hill.

speed limit sign at a roundabout.

speed limit sign on an expressway.

19. What is the meaning of this figure?
It means you are approaching a school zone.

It means you are approaching a playground.

It means you are approaching a child care center.

It means you are approaching a T-intersection.

20. What vehicles may use this lane?
Vehicles with two or more passengers.

Buses only.



21. Where should you stop when approaching a stop sign?
Before the stop line.

Before the crosswalk.

The first line.

22. What is the meaning of this sign?
traffic merges here.

this is a two-way street.

this is a narrow lane.

the divided highway ends ahead.

23. When changing lanes you should
check behind you.

check behind and to the side.

to the side only.

24. What is the meaning of this traffic sign?
Only left turns are permitted here.

Move only in the directions indicated.

Do not pass vehicles on the left here.

Passing is permitted in the directions indicated.

25. On a narrow uphill mountain road where only one vehicle may pass at a time who has right of way?
The vehicle going downhill.

The larger vehicle.

The vehicle going uphill.

26. During the first year of having your provisional license you may
drive anytime.

not drive between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.

drive on the weekends.

27. What does this sign indicate?
The road is closed ahead.

You must turn right.

The road curves ahead.

You must stop before proceeding.

28. Is it dangerous to hold something in your lap while driving?
Yes, always.

It is okay as long as it isn't a person or an animal.

No, as long as you won’t be distracted by it.

No, if it's only a small animal.

29. When can you pass on the left if there is a double solid yellow line?
During the day.

Only if it is safe to do so.

You may not pass if there is a double solid yellow line.

30. Due to their size, tractor trailers often appear
they are travelling faster.

they are travelling slower.

they are not moving.