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Example Test #99

1. When making a turn you should
come to a complete stop.

slow down before making your turn.

be in the correct lane before turning.

2. The following marks the left edge of the roadway.
broken yellow line.

solid yellow line.

3. When entering a curve you should
speed up.

reduce your speed.

brake in the ccurve.

4. If you are convicted of fleeing from the police and there is an accident that results in serious injury or death you may receive a penalty of up to
seven years in prision and fine of up to $10,000.

two years in prision and a $2,000.

a year in prision and a $1,000.

5. What is the meaning of this figure?
You are approaching a pedestrian crossing; yield.

A crew is working here; reduce your speed.

You are approaching a flag person; drive slowly.

You are approaching a school crossing; stop.

6. You may not drive for pay unless you are
18 years old.

17 years old.

21 years old.

7. What is the meaning of this sign?
You may not turn left here

you are approaching a series of curves.

A side road enters from the right.

you are approaching a left turn.

8. This sign warns that
you are driving in a school zone.

there are pedestrian crosswalks at an intersection.

you are close to a children's playground area.

you are close to a school bus stop.

9. If you go into a skid you should
let off the gas.

hold the wheel straight.

both of the above.

10. What does this sign indicate?
You may pass to the left.

There is a center turn lane ahead.

There is a right turn lane ahead.

You may not turn left ahead.

11. The following activity is not a distraction when you are driving.
Changing the radio.

Using your GPS.

Adjusting your mirrors.

Loosening the lid of your coffee before driving.

12. The vertical rectangular traffic sign normally
warns you about the condition of the road.

gives instructions to drivers.

directs drivers to stop.

gives a route number.

13. What is the minimum age for an adult driver's license?



14. If you are parked on a level street the wheels should be pointed
straight ahead.

away from the curb.

toward the curb.

15. Who has right of way on highway?
Merging vehicles.

Vehicles exiting the highway.

Vehicles on the highway.

16. If you are making a left turn you should be in
the middle lane.

the left lane.

the right lane.

17. What is the meaning of these double arrows?
They tell you the divided highway ends.

They tell you that two-way traffic is ahead.

They tell you that a divided highway begins.

They tell you that traffic may flow on both sides.

18. If you experience a blowout you should
slam on the breakes.

hold the wheel straight and let off the gas.

steer immediately to the shoulder.

19. What is frequently found at a highway exit.
A traffic circle.

An acceleration lane.

An exit ramp.

20. What is this sign used to indicate?
There is a forest zone ahead

There is a cattle crossing ahead

There is a zoo ahead

There is a deer crossing ahead

21. The reflective triangular orange sign in the picture represents
a slow-moving vehicle.

a fast-moving vehicle.

a heavy truck.

a vehicle that carries hazardous materials.

22. What is considered a distraction?
Checking your mirrors.

Using your phone.

looking to the side and behind you.

23. What does this sign indicate?
There is an intersection ahead.

Passing is not allowed.

There is an obstacle ahead.

24. The following hand signal indicates the driver is turning right.
Left arm extended outward and the forearm pointing down.

Left arm extended out and the forearm pointing up.

Left arm extended straight out.

25. This figure represents
a one-way road.

cross traffic coming up.

a two-way road.

an intersection ahead.

26. The sign in the picture is found at

residential areas.

school crossings.

freeway exit ramps.

27. You can drive in lanes marked with this sign
when you have two or more passengers

when you are riding a motorcycle.

only when you are riding a bicycle.

when you are passing the vehicle in front of you.

28. If you are convicted of littering
you will have to pay of fine of $50 and spend three days in jail.

you will have to pay a fine of $500 and spend 30 days in jail.

pay a fine of up to $1,000 and pick up litter.

29. Approximately how many California drivers are convicted of a traffic violation between the ages of 15 to 19?



30. What is the meaning of this flashing arrow panel?
The left lane ahead is winding.

The lane ahead is closed.

The lane ahead is open.

There are flag persons (flaggers) ahead.